Recipes and food posts, March 1st: salsa, breakfast tortas, ropa vieja, lemon bars, rubs, desserts

If you’ve been paying attention, I always hopeful I’m going to revisit these recipes to make them, someday. Every once in a while it actually happens.


Breakfast Options
Also from Mama Latina Tips, “Breakfast Egg and Bean Mini-Torta Recipe,” is classic fare for me. I’d expect to see this on the menu at my favorite taqueria. A great idea, and yummy too.

You can also make the traditional “Huevos Rancheros,” (via Vanilla Clouds and Lemon Drops). This is one of the few recipes I can actually say I’ve tried myself. Delicious, and relatively easy.

Ropa Vieja
The Muy Bueno site has a Ropa Vieja recipe that was posted as part of a Hunts tomatoes series. Ropa Vieja is one of those foods that I didn’t discover until recently. It’s a cuban dish that I’ve had in both in tacos and sandwiches. Houston restaurants make it from beef and chicken, though it’s more traditional in beef. It’s a wonderful dish.

I love cream-based soups, and chowders are among my favorites. As usual, I love it best when others cook it. However, I am bookmarking this recipe for “Shrimp and Corn Chowder With Fennel.” I am hopeful that I’m going to make it someday.

I’ve made hummus from garbbanzos and white beans, but never cauliflower. Here’s a recipe to make hummus from roasted cauliflower. I won’der if that would make it healthier?

Light Sweet and Sour Chicken
If you’ve been paying attention, I like Asian food. I especially like recipes of Asian food that aren’t too fattening. So it’s with delight that I bookmark and share this recipe for “Super Skinny Sweet and Sour Chicken.”

Corn Salad
This Corn Salad recipe from, of all places, a Johnson company website, looks fabulous! It would make a good side dish.


Salsa Verde
While I love salsa verde, I have never, not once, made it myself. This recipe from Mama Latina Tips makes it look simple and easy to make. It may be a possibility for my culinary future.


Lemon Brownies, or as I call them “Lemon bars,” are something I don’t find in many places. This recipe is simple enough that it has possibilities. And, of course, the photo makes it look very yummy.

You can also try the “Fabulous Five-Minute Fudge” from Better Homes and Gardens. The recipe calls for only five ingredients, and one of them is water. Basically, I can probably make fudge any time I want now… as long as I want to invest the time.

Caramel Popcorn
Absolutely making this one, “Healthy Caramel Popcorn.” Basically a recipe to make your own Crunch ‘n Munch at home. What could be better?


Learn to cook with spice rubs through this article at Good Housekeeping. It includes a few salt-free options too.

Cooking for later
SkinnyTaste has a great article if you cook in large quantities to eat later, as I do. “How To Make Your Favorite Meals Freezer Ready” has some good recommendations and tips.

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