Recipes and Food Posts, October 4


Learn “How to Cut and Dice an Avocado”  from the Muy Bueno Cookbook. It includes a video.


Are you a coffee addict (like me)? You need to check out this post by Lifehacker, “How to Make (and Take) Great Coffee Anywhere.” According to the article, “you’re going to need a portable coffee grinder, some coffee beans, and a way to measure them.” It’s one to bookmark.


Oh, wow… “Salted Caramel Cheesecake with Chocolate Ganache.” This recipe looks awesome. It even includes the recipes for the crust and the caramel sauce… and the whipped cream! Talk about homemade. I am putting in a request for someone to make this for me.

And, in case you ever wanted to make your own ice cream, here’s one for Peach Basil Ice Cream.

Or you can try “No Bake Greek Yogurt Cheesecake(Without Gelatin!).” I love no bake cheesecake recipes, though mine usually include cream cheese, sweetened condensed milk and instant pudding mix. This one has greek yogurt, fat free cream cheese, and lemon juice.


Did you know that the best way to keep guacamole green is dabbing a little bit of warm water on top of it? Apparently, it works perfectly. Gotta try it, the next time I actually have guacamole left over (that almost never happens).

Jicama Salad

I grew up buying jicama with limon y sal from the vendor on the street. In honor of that childhood treat, I share this lovely recipe for Chopped Jicama Salad, from NBC Latino.

Peanut butter

If you have ever been tempted to make your own peanut butter, then you need to check out this recipe from Moms Confession. Only needs peanuts, honey and vegetable oil. Very simple.

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