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Cake Decorating

And because I’m finding more food gems via Houston Press, here’s one on Cake Decorating, specifically about piping and frosting. Very informational.

Chocolate Cake

I’ve never tried to make a skillet cake, but I’m definitely going to try and make this one: Gooey Chocolate Skillet Cake. Though it does look a little bit like it’s more work.


Are you a juicer? Or do you just want to get the most juice possible out of your lemons or oranges? According to Lifehacker, you need to refrigerate them first, then microwave them, and that will get you the desired results. But only microwave for a short period, 15-20 seconds, so you don’t end up with hot citrus.


This leafy green is my new favorite veggie. Check out Martha Stewart’s video on how to make Lemony Kale Salad. It’s part of her Meatless Monday series. I find Kale to be a bit bitter, but that it doesn’t wilt as easily or fast as other salad “leaves.”


Houstonia has a great recipe for Mole. They call it 30-minute Mole, and it’s adapted from The Hot Sauce Cookbook.


Another great recipe from Houstonia, “30 Minute Cauliflower Casserole.” I like using cauliflower in dishes, so I’m always looking for recipes that look like they’ll be easy and tasty.

Pecans, Candied has a great recipe for Spicy Candied Pecans that includes cayene and only takes about 30 minutes from mixing to eating.


Many of my friends and some of my family members are nearly addicted to Sriracha. I keep a bottle in my refrigerator. Lifehacker gives a good tip on how to turn the last bit of Sriracha in the bottle into spicy chile oil. What you do is “add a splash of a neutral oil like vegetable, grapeseed, or peanut.” I’ve done something similar with pesto, added some olive oil to the last little bit to make some “oil with herbs.”

Stress-reducing foods

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to eat your way to reduced stress? According to Inc, these 7 foods have stress-reducing properties: turkey, spinach, salmon, nuts and seeds, oatmeal, citrus fruit, and sweet potatoes and carrots.


Though, to me, Tinga is supposed to be beeg, NBC Latino shared a recipe on how to make Pork Tinga Tostadas that’s worth a try. 

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