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2013.11 Recipes-smCauliflower patties & soups

I’m a big fan of cauliflower recipes. I like it roasted, grilled and just plain chopped. This recipe for cauliflower patties sounds like a good idea and something I want to test out.

Food52 also shares this interesting recipe for cauliflower soup (and this one for curried cauliflower soup), something I hadn’t even considered. The recipes look semi-simple, so I’m sharing and bookmarking them.


Did you know there’s a “right” way to wrap and store cheese? I didn’t. The nice people at Food52 tell us that “Good cheese is an investment — protect it.” They give us tips on what we need to do to improve freshness and longevity of these (expensive) cheeses. Since at any given time I will have at least 5 types of cheese in my refrigerator, I think I need to listen to them.

Chicken Soup

Pinch of Yum has a great variation on the traditional chicken soup. Their Jalapeño Lime Chicken Soup includes salsa verde, white beans, and the jalapeños and limes. Definitely something to try while winter continues.


Did you know that (when baking) you need to choose chocolate based on percentages? Sometimes higher percentage of cacao can actually ruin a recipe. Check out the Food52 post for more details.


If you’ve ever wanted to make your own enchiladas, The Baker Chick has an easy chicken enchiladas recipe you need to try. It does, in fact, look like a simple recipe. I have made enchiladas before (as my brother puts it, “when you used to cook”), but it’s been a while.


Did you know that you need to stock your pantry with more than one type of oil? Lifehacker goes into depth why in Why You Should Have More than One Oil In Your Kitchen (and How to Choose The Best Ones). Basically it comes down to the fact that oils react differently to heat. Some oils are good for high-heat cooking and some aren’t.  There’s another post you might want to check out, The Best Temperatures and Uses for Common Cooking Oils.


In case you’ve ever wondered when to use yellow onions and when to use white onions in a recipes, Lifehacker has a great guide to this essential cooking ingredient. They break down the different types of onions, their taste and best uses.

Pineapple Soda Cake

My aunt used to make soda cakes when I was little, and I forgot until I saw this recipes for Pineapple Soda Cake from Nibbles & Feasts. The cake and the topping look easy to make. And, from memory, the cake should be tasty too. Now all I have to do is find a Jarritos.


One of the challenges of cooking while keeping a busy schedule is that often getting the ingredients ready takes up most of the time. Momables has a great guide on how to freeze rice so you have pre-cooked rice ready to just pop in to your recipes when you need it. I’ve been doing this for a while and recommend it as a great time saver. (I also pre-cook meat sometimes.)


Do you like a little bit of fruit in your salad? Check out Pinch of Yum’s Rainbow Chicken Salad with Almond Honey Mustard Dressing. It looks great, and not too hard to make.

Wash your veggies & fruits

Lifehack lists the 17 Toxic Fruits and Vegetables You May Be Eating Every Day. I knew about the apples and grapes, but the bell peppers and celery surprised me.

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