Recipes & Food Posts, June 6


In case you were wondering, tells us “How to Brine Meat — And Why You Should Bother.” A good post to bookmark for next Thanksgiving.


I know that this recipe for Ricotta and Sour Cherry Jam Crostata isn’t identified as cheesecake, but it looks very similar to the Mexican Cheesecake my aunts make. Those use cream cheese in small quantities. I’m going to try this, though I doubt I’ll make the crust from scratch.


And for another cooking how to, has a video showing us “How to Peel Garlic.” Of course, I buy my garlic already minced. But I never claimed to be a gourmet anything.


Meatballs are a good recipe for something you can make in advance and just reheat when needed. Weelicious has a good recipe for Meatloaf Meatballs to try out.


Planning a picnic? Moms Confession has a complete list of what to bring in “Planning The Perfect Picnic This Summer.”

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