relationships between PR pros and journalists aren't improving

Some journalists, PR pros turning away from each other
— South Florida Business Journal

Journalists are relying less on public relations services and PR pros are accessing journalists less than in times past, according to new national survey.

Instead, reporters use online services and well-known contacts for news and expert opinion, while PR staffs have found more venues to disseminate news.

These were part of the findings of an annual survey of journalists nationwide. The survey, created by Orlando-based PR firm Bennett & Co., featured responses from 688 journalists from various media. The results revealed that journalists are relying less on PR firms and more on other outlets.

“Communications channels have expanded to the thousands,” said Laura Bennett, a former Miami PR practitioner and owner of the firm that first created the survey in 1982. “Though I’ve seen this pattern coming, this year seemed to be the tipping point where journalists are displaying evidence that our dependence on them is less than ever before.”

Author: Paloma Cruz

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