"Roberts's Rules of Style" or "Roberts' Rules of Style"?

From Bill Walsh’s Blogslot:

My desk wrote the headline “The Case of Roberts’s Missing Papers” last night, and the reporter whose name was on the story received several e-mail messages (some more polite than others) pointing out the “error” of not using Roberts’.

Lesson No. 1 here, of course, is that the reporters don’t write the headlines.

Lesson No. 2: This is a matter of style, and Washington Post style calls for Roberts’s. Styles vary, but if one style must be declared more correct than the other, Roberts’s wins.

“The Elements of Style,” in fact, makes the principle Rule 1 in Chapter 1.

I love “The Elements of Style.” It should be a required reference book on the desk of every writer and PR professional.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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