round-up of local news, 7/4

Local News:

  • Dwight Silverman reports, via his TechBlog, that City shelves municipal WiFi plan. “Matt Stiles, the Chronicle’s City Hall reporter, tells me the city has put its plan for a municipal WiFi network on hold, ‘except for parking meters and such.’

Censorship… or not

Houston City Council Member Addie Wiseman started a conversation on censorship last week, coming up on the side of censorship. Here’s some coverage on this issue.

Kudos to Mayor Bill White and Council Member Mark Goldberg for their comments. As reported in the Houston Chronicle:

  • Mayor Bill White seemed unimpressed. “Until we solve crime and redevelop every neighborhood, I certainly don’t intend to be watching at 3 in the morning and making calls telling them what to put on TV,” the mayor said.
  • Councilman Mark Goldberg, who chairs the panel that will conduct a hearing on the issue, warns that he and his colleagues should not be in the business of dictating what is and isn’t acceptable on the public access channel.

Local bloggers

  • McGuff covers local blogging, from KTRK. “The art of Houston blogging: how to start one and get it read — How anyone can be heard through the Internet.” In this story, contributors to blogHOUSTON are quoted, including Kevin Whited and Anne Linehan.

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