round-up of news & info, 7/15

More than 7,000 underage Mexican immigrants deported this year, reported by KTRK ABC Channel 13.

Authorities say more than 71-hundred underage Mexican immigrants have been deported this year after illegally reaching the U-S without their parents.


The children eventually are sent to one of the National Agency for Family Development’s 23 shelters in Mexico.

Study says savings gap hits Latinos
, reported by the Houston Chronicle.

Latinos save through retirement accounts at half the rate of the general population, and those with such accounts have less than one-fifth the retirement savings of the overall work force…

Industry leaders, driven by an ever-growing need for bodies, aim to draw in more Hispanics, reported by the Houston Chronicle.

Beset by an aging work force and high turnover, trucking companies that traditionally culled drivers from middle America are recruiting in urban Hispanic communities, advertising in Spanish, appealing to high-school students and setting up booths at job fairs.

Truck-driving schools also are responding to demand from the industry and from Hispanics hungry for better-paying jobs that do not require fluent English.

Immigrants often choose alternative medicines, reported by the Houston Chronicle.

Faced with skyrocketing health care costs, lack of insurance and language barriers, many immigrants believe they are better off with homegrown remedies from their native cultures than conventional treatments.

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