round-up of news, tools and posts – 7/11

LibrarianInBlack points to The Phrase Finder:

…a site that explains the origin of over 2,000 phrases and sayings. They include mondegreens (misheard song lyrics), Shakespearean phrases, and more. A lot of fun, and a tool to add to your “where did this phrase come from?” answer kit.

My most recent favorite things from LifeHacker:

Did you know that has a citation tool? From LibrarianInBlack:

Just run your search and at the bottom of the results page there is a list of the copyright info for the various sources that Answers has shown you. Just click on the “cite” button next to the copyright info for the source you need to cite. You can choose APA, Chicago, or MLA format and get a copy-and-paste citation to put in your bibliography.

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