round-up of other news, tools and posts, 7/4

Tools & posts:

  • I recently wrote about the Michael J. Fox Foundation targeting Hispanics for an educational campaign about Parkinson’s Disease then I came across this article: Alzheimer’s Research Recruitment, Treatments, Public Education Must Account For Cultural Beliefs at Hispanic Ad. “There are significant differences in awareness and beliefs about Alzheimer’s disease among ethnic groups, and health education programs should be tailored to account for these different understandings, according to new research presented today at the first Alzheimer’s Association International Conference on the Prevention of Dementia.” Didn’t I just say something similar about the misconceptions surrounding Parkinson’s? Different cultures have different knowledge bases, so you have to approach them differently. This is not an earth-shattering fact, just common sense. It’s also a fact that should be applied to all marketing and communications. If you don’t target your market accurately, you’re never going to achieve your goal. It doesn’t matter if your goal is to educate about a disease or sell a cell phone.
  • Speaking of cell phones, 23.2% of surveyed 18-24 year olds said they only use cell phones and don’t own a land-line. Reported by Hispanic Ad in the article Younger People Cut The Cord – Become Cell Phone-Only Users, the survey involved 7,500 dedicated users in five markets. So what? “The findings are important, because many believe that cell phone-only individuals are growing rapidly–and their behavior is beginning to influence how they use other media, as well as how marketing and media researchers measure them.” So I guess we do need to pay attention, if we hadn’t been already.
  • Found via Ezine Articles, “Photo Attorney Carolyn Wright wrote an excellent article on why you want to register your copyright BEFORE you sue someone for infringement or violating your perception of your copyrights.” Worth a read: Learning Lessons the Hard Way – Registering and Protecting Your Copyrights.
  • How to Make Your Blog Accessible to Blind Readers, by Phil Bradley. Found thanks to Librarian in Black, who writes: “The article explains seven simple steps to making your blog accessible to those using screen readers or to those with low-vision. If you blog (or your library blogs) please read this article.
  • Library Stories has a link to FREELANCE RIGHTS: Introducing ‘The Crimes of Thomson/Gale/Information Access Company’ which they found via the Copyright & Intellectual Property discussion list.
  • Micropersuasion directed me to these posts, by Keith Robinson: How to Be a More Productive Blogger Part I & Part II.
  • Hispanic Ad has a good article on sales presentations… Avoid The Fatal Presentation Trap: Why Making Presentations Can Cost You The Sale. The article covers things to avoid and tips to help you from beginning to end.
  • From Seth Godin: “Ron McDaniel would like you to check out: Buzz marketing: Start Building Buzz Today –” The link Seth provides: I haven’t checked it out yet… will comment once I have.

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