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Adsense tips

Found via problogger, Quick Online Tips has 15 Common Mistakes by Google Adsense Publishers that Violate Terms of Service. Here’s the top three:

  • Never click your own ads or get them clicked for whatever reason.
  • Never change the Adsense code.
  • Do not place more than 3 ad unit and 1 ad links or 2 search boxes on any web page.

If you’re using Google Adsense in your site to generate revenue, this is a really good “don’t” list for your files.

I wish I was this good

The Houston Chronicle’s Sara Cress writes an entertaining review of concerts at Houston’s Central Market. She does it with a combination of imagery and dry wit that has me wishing that I could write as well as she does.

I strive to do better. Today is not the day I achieve it.

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