round-up of tools, posts & tricks, 7/10

Some of these are a bit outdated, but still useful…

Caro Consulting has this really great post entitled How are affiliate marketing and dating the same? Her answer:

“So, why is affiliate marketing like dating? Because the goal is to create a successful ongoing relationship. How do you do this?”

Read her post for the 10 ways to a successful ongoing relationship. My favorite: Find the right partner.

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Micro Persuasion‘s Corporate Blogs Aint Just Hype points to a “68-page report on what makes a successful corporate blog.” Provided by Backbone Media, Inc., the report found that “corporate blogs are living up to all the hype.”

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CorporatePR spotlight’s Anil Dash‘s Don’t Be a Bad Pitcher! Here’s a couple, in shortcut format:

  • Get my goddamn name right.
  • Make sure it’s at least in the realm of possibility that I’d want the product.
  • Don’t deliberately antagonize me.

Visit Anil Dash’s post for the full story.

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10 Tips On Writing Public Relations, by Kathy Thompson.

2. If you have made a mistake, admit it. A frank admission of an error or oversight is disarming. An effort to evade responsibility, on the other hand, irritates the reader and loses their respect.

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To Maximize Your PR, Get in the Reporter’s Rolodex, by Rusty Cawley.

First, you must identify the reporters who can help you.

These are the reporters who are most likely to be read and to be trusted by your future customers and clients.

Some are reporters who cover your industry for the mainstream media. Others are specialized columnists.

Still others are writing for the trade media that focus entirely upon your business.

If you don’t know who these folks are, then make it you business now to find out. Ask your current customers whom they read and trust. Odds are your future customers value the same reporters.

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