rules for smart web development

20 Rules Of Smart And Successful Web-development from Vitaly Friedman’s Notebook (read the article for details):

  1. Respect your visitors.
  2. Bad advertisement is evil.
  3. Inform and teach your visitors.
  4. Develop your own style.
  5. Respect the standards.
  6. Be clear. Use a clear markup.
  7. Hate Internet Explorer if you like, but don’t ignore its users.
  8. Care about your content.
  9. Don’t be concerned about web-crawlers and SEO optimization.
    9a. Avoid wrong SEO and bad PR.
  10. Contact, but don’t spam.
  11. Write, publish, feel free to ask.
  12. Answer your e-mails immediately.
  13. Use the advantages of Semantic Web. Tagging, tagging, tagging.
  14. Make connections.
  15. Think in global terms.
  16. Never compromise your principles.
  17. Stay in touch. Keep being informed about what is happening on the Net.
  18. Learn to handle the creativity block.
  19. Make Web prettier. CSS, clear, readable and intelligent design are beautiful.
  20. Be aware of the Power of the Web.

Found via ProBlogger.

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