Sam Malone no longer on KRBE

Since I was out of town, I missed this, reported by the Houston Chronicle:

Longtime Houston radio host Sam Malone said Thursday he has worked his final on-air shift at Clear Channel Radio’s KHMX (96.5 FM).

Malone, who has been at the Clear Channel station for three years after a 12-year run at KRBE (104.1 FM), said he was told after his morning show Thursday that he was being removed from the air and that the station would pay him for the remainder of his contract, which ends Dec. 31.


Author: Paloma Cruz

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9 thoughts on “Sam Malone no longer on KRBE”

  1. Sorry Sam,

    I was gone when I heard that you were no longer at 96.5.

    I have listened to you for years while walking and taking the kids to school.
    You have always made my mornings so good and funny and now it’s so bad. I hardly turn on my radio . My husband wants to buy me an Ipod but I hope to hear you get another radio station soon here in Houston. My friends and I miss you very much and you have always made our mornings so worth while. Please come back to us. Your dye-hearted friends.

  2. I’m sorry too Sam!

    I have been listening to you every morning for 10 years and then all of a sudden I didn’t hear your voice and I had to find out what happened, I was sad to hear it. I’m still listening to Mitchell but it’s not the same without you.

    I’m looking forward to hearing that you are still in Houston and at another station so I can tune in and hear the faithful morning voice and personality that I’ve grown to trust and be accustomed to.

    Best of Luck to you and to us in getting you back!

  3. Sam, Where are you? I listened to you every morning for years. I miss you!! I was hoping to hear that you are on another Houston station but I haven’t heard a thing. I can’t bring myself to listen to your old station…it is not the same!!

  4. Sam, you are the only reason I listened to KRBE and KHMX. Needless to say, I don’t listen to either station anymore. Best of luck, and hope to hear you on the air soon!

  5. I can’t believe MIX 96.5 got rid of Sam. Why did they do such a stupid thing. He was truly an amazing person. My sister met her husband through his show. I think about 50 couples got married because of him. He was honest on the radio. If he didn’t like a celebrity, he told you why. Others are so fake.The managers there are idiots. I feel certain that he will return at another Houston radio station. We miss you Sam!!!!!!!

  6. Sam,
    I agree with the other patrons. I loved listening to you every morning on the way to work! We need you!
    I sure hope you are on a Houston station again soon and I will be there!!!!!!

  7. Please. Sam where are you. I have no desire to listen to the station anymore without you. I thought maybe you were on vacation. Let us know where you are. you are fabulous

  8. I just returned to Texas in Dec. Put on my radio to listen to Sam..and nothing. I emailed the station and was told he was let go. How could they do that to such a popular DJ. He was always helping other people out. I now have to listen to XM. Let me know when Sam is back on the radio.

  9. Sam,
    I have to say that I truly miss you. To make a long story short, My son was in Iraq. Every morning I listened as you kept the prayers going. But, mostly you kept thanking our soldiers.I always passed your words along to my son & his unit. They needed to hear how you aired those thoughts. Now he is going to afghanistan. I wish I could hear your strong voice & positive words now. They kept me strong & proud. Just like they did for my son and many,many troops. You are missed & I am waiting for you to return somewhere.

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