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Tour brings scholarship facts to local Latinos
Detroit stop of ‘Paying for College Tour’ pushes Hispanics to education by offsetting rising costs.

— reported by The Detroit News

Maria Carranza won’t pay a cent for tuition at Wayne State University this school year.

After hours of filling out applications, writing essays and hearing classmates say she couldn’t do it, the Detroit resident was able to secure enough scholarships and aid to pay for classes. There’s a scholarship for everyone, she says, from Latino women to left-handers.


In the wake of tuition hikes ranging from 7 percent to 19 percent at all of Michigan’s public universities, the Sallie Mae Fund’s “Paying for College Tour” made a stop at Detroit’s Cesar Chavez Academy High School Monday to help local Latinos close the financial aid information gap that has restricted college attendance. The mobile bus tour gave Latino students and their families access to information on scholarships, grants, loans and federal aid in Spanish and English.


According to a Sallie Mae Fund study, 43 percent of Latino young adults and 51 percent of Latino parents reported that they were not aware of a single source of college financial aid. The same study found that more than two-thirds of Latino families believe getting financial aid information before leaving high school was “very important” in their decision to attend college.

For those of you looking for scholarship ideas, here are a few places to start:

And that’s just the start!

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