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One of the great things about the blogosphere is finding a good blog thanks to another good blog. I recently started to track Adventures in Net Marketing and have been pleased with the content so far. BJ, the editor/poster/commentator, is self-employed and runs an online business. She runs a successful online business.

The blog covers “My web-publishing adventures, and my fun, but wild ride through the hype-filled world of online marketing.

Here are a few posts I liked enough to share:

More on My “Example Sites”

I’ve more or less picked my niches for the two example sites I’m going to put up using Xsite Pro and SEO Website Builder. I’m not one to reveal my sites – roaming the forums reading some of the horror…

AC Fetcher: Article Fetcher Software

Looking around the forums, it looks like everyone’s talking about articles. It’s probably already occurred to you, but the one great thing about products like Article Announcer is that there will now be a lot more content available for the…

Setting up a Niche Site Using WordPress

I use WordPress for a lot of my sites, but often my sites are NOT blogs. Instead, I’ve been using WordPress as a content management system. If your webhost offers Cpanel with Fantistico, WordPress is quick to set up, and…

How I Use WordPress to Set Up Niche Sites

Okay, here’s the post I promised Dave. First, though, a disclaimer. I am NOT a WordPress expert. I started using WordPress for blogging (not this blog, though, which is a Typepad blog) and then realized what a wonderful content management…

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