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And yet another untapped market: Hispanic Teens.

Cheskin ‘Nuestro Futuro: Hispanic Teens in Their Own Words
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Hispanic teens may be the single most important segment for future-oriented marketers to understand. They provide rich insights into the influence of ethnicity and culture in the larger U.S. consumer market. And with a current spending power of $20 billion and a projected growth rate six times higher than the rest of the teen market, Hispanic teens are a force in and of themselves.

To empower companies and marketers, the innovation consulting firm Cheskin has today released Nuestro Futuro: Hispanic Teens In Their Own Words, an unprecedented video profile of U.S. Hispanic teen lifestyles, attitudes and behaviors. Produced from over 30 hours of in-depth at-home interviews with more than 30 bicultural Hispanic teens, ages 13 to 19 across the U.S., the profile illuminates key issues in the words of teens themselves. Hearing and seeing them in their homes through the lenses of Snippies video journalists provides an emotive and realistic context for understanding.


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