sexy shoes

I have this pair of black heels that make me feel great whenever I wear them. Four-inch heels, open toed, black leather. They look really nice, and, while they’re not the most comfortable pair of shoes I own, I feel comfortable wearing them.

They were a frivolous buy. I mean, I’m not going to wear four-inch heels to work. That’s just not practical. And it doesn’t mater how comfortable they are, they’re just not work shoes. I can’t exactly wear them on the days when I’m going to be running from one building to another. I can’t wear them when I have those highly sensible meetings to discuss budget and maintenance schedules and other things. That would just be wrong.

The amazing thing is that I spent more on this pair of heels that I did on any other pair of shoes I own… and I own some very nice quality shoes. But these called my name, I swear they did. And I just couldn’t resist, even though I knew that I just wasn’t going to wear them very often, if at all.

These are my special occasion shoes. The ones I use when I’m going somewhere nice. The ones I use when I want to make a good impression, want to feel good about myself, want to dress up.

They were a frivolous buy, and I’ve never regretted them.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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