Should I get an MBA?

It’s that time of year again, when the old year is behind us and we’re well into the new year, when I take a moment to panic and decide that my life isn’t where I’d like it to be and consider how to make it into that elusive ideal. And then I start looking at graduate programs.

I graduated from college nearly 15 years ago. I knew, even when I was an undegrad, that I was going to pursue a graduate degree. But it had taken me 7 years to get my bachelor’s degree (taking semesters off, going part time, working two jobs) and the last thing I wanted to do was go straight into another degree.

So I waited.
And I waited.
And I waited.

At least once or twice a year I take a good look at graduate programs and try to convince myself that it’s time to go back. I research websites. I ask for information packets. I attend information sessions.

Then I take a good look at the price tag.
And I start to make notes about the schedule.
And I take another look at the price tag.
And I remind myself that I don’t really need the degree.

And I wait another year.

I turn forty this year. I think it’s time to make up my mind on whether this is going to happen… or not.

I don’t have to try to go this year. In fact, I’m pretty sure I couldn’t pull off getting into a program for this fall. But I do think that I need to make a decision on when I’d like to go, which program is my preference, and start the paperwork.

So I’ve spent a few days looking at my options:

If I could go full-time, and it money wasn’t an issue, I’d also look at:

Know of any part-time graduate programs you’d recommend for a public relations professional?

Anyway, my research jag has just started. Now I’m going to start asking for packets and attending info sessions.

Wish me luck.


Author: Paloma Cruz

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2 thoughts on “Should I get an MBA?”

  1. Hi Paloma, I read your tag. I am in the same boat. researching MBA programs to decide which one suits better. I attended info sessions at UHDowntown and UH victoria. Its would be mutually beneficial to have a conversation and exchange info if you think the same. I can be reached at (deleted).Alternatively let me know a way to contact you.

    1. My email address is paloma(at) If you send me an email, use the subject [paloma cruz].

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