Silver linings

Know what happens when you stop eating? Even if it’s drug-induced… or especially if it’s drug-induced… When you don’t eat you lose weight.

I’ve lost six pounds this week. And that’s just since Tuesday, when I was weighed at the doctor’s office. I stepped on a scale this morning and greeted the silver lining.

Of course, my appetite is coming back slowly. Just took a lunch break at 2:30 pm because i was finally a little hungry. Of course, I also realized that I haven’t eaten anything all day… again.

Pictured below is today’s lunch: Chicken Pad Thai from Pei Wei.

Padi Thai

I am breathing easier. The coughing has improved. And I feel stronger.

But I am still a loopy mess.

***** Written on my ipad. I promise to proof and edit it later (maybe). ******

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