For all my talk about not caring what other people think and not caring what others see when they look at me, I left out a very important BUT in there. That’s not completely true. I do care what some people think. I care what my sisters think.

Of all the women I know, theirs are the only opinions I seek. I want their approval, I want their understanding and I want their support. Thankfully, we have a very close relationship. Not exactly…loving, but close.

My sisters are among the most critical people I know. They are hard to please and easy to annoy. They are outspoken and honest. They are blunt and sometimes hurtful. And when they are angry, they can and will be mean.

And I say all that with love.

They are also the ones who tell me that I can do anything I want. They can cuss me out in an English/Spanish combination that takes years of practice to follow and in the next moment lend me their last dollar. They can tell me that I look horrible with complete honesty and I will never take that as an insult. They are the ones who tell me when I’m being overbearing and obnoxious and bitchy. And they reel me in when I’m out there.

My sisters are my lifeline.

I cannot imagine living without their companionship. We tell each other the important stuff. We lie for each other and sometimes to each other, but the trust we have is absolute.

My sisters are a reflection of me. And as I look to them to see what today’s verdict of my behavior is I remember that they look to me for the same thing.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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