Six Steps to Better Blogger Relations

From Media Bullseye:

The big issue with most blogger relations articles revolves around a tendency to treat bloggers like traditional media, and also a focus on tactical pitches or initiatives. This approach, in general, follows a bad media relations trend where hits matter more than relationships. Yield outweighs long-term reputation, and as a result mass blog outreach with mild customization occurs. Good PR pros
build relationships.

This article seeks to shed light on some best practices for building relationships with bloggers. It assumes the following:

a. You’ve researched the blogs that matter to your company, including critical magic middle blogs

b. The company (or organization) can contribute valuable information or insights to the marketplace’s conversation

c. That the company is committed to a campaign rather than an event

What are the six steps? In short:

  1. Win the War, Not the Battle: By focusing on the relationship rather than the individual pitch, long-term results are built.
  2. Human Relations: Bloggers are people with no obligation, not professional journalists.
  3. Commenting: One of the best ways to build a relationship remains showing interest in someone else.
  4. Use Your Blog: If you want respect from a blogger(s), have a blog.
  5. Join Their Social Networks: Make no bones about it.
  6. Opt Them In: Once a relationship has been created, if you really value
    their opinion and their voice is that important, opt them into your

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