Sports make Houston Great

Houston’s got game, report says
— reported by the Houston Business Journal

Houston has landed a spot among the top sports cities in North America, according to a ranking of 388 cities by The Sporting News.

Houston comes in at No. 6 among the best North American sports cities behind Boston, Philadelphia, Detroit, Miami and Los Angeles-Anaheim. Rounding out the top 10 behind Houston were Baltimore-Washington at No. 7, Dallas-Fort Worth at No. 8, Atlanta at No. 9, and New York-New Jersey at No. 10.

I seem to recall, vaguely, that a survey done by the Greater Houston Partnership of the Greater Houston Convention & Visitor’s Bureau a few years ago found that that one thing Houston was best-known for was sports. This kind of news always surprises me in a city with the Texas Medical Center, NASA, the energy industry, several of the most important petrochemical plants in the country, and one of the busiest international ports in the US. Sports… it boggles me.

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