students teach teachers about technology

I think this story is funny, and indicative of other lesser-known stories about how many teachers may not be up to date on the technology needed to connect with their students.

These teachers couldn’t win Grand Theft Auto
— reported by the KTRK ABC Channel 13

When the principal of Blair Elementary School needed someone to instruct teachers in the use of PlayStations, she turned to the experts — the students.

The school purchased 23 PlayStations last month to use with educational games for third- through fifth-graders. But not all the teachers took to the video games — one became so flustered that she didn’t want use them in class, principal Sharon Sand said.

So on Wednesday, students gave advice on plugging in the machines, using the software and navigating the buttons. Not all the teachers needed the help, but many did.

“They’re illiterate when it comes to this,” Sand said.


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