sunday at home

Family life, I realized a long time ago, doesn’t help workaholics. You bring work home and dinners, celebrations, conversations get in the way of finishing it.

I spent all day working on this project, at home. The scanner at the office decided it had seen enough of me and stopped working. So, if I want to get this done this weekend, I have to use my home office to do it.

{{And in the background you can hear children screaming, the loud shrill voice of their mother, my beloved sister, and silence is a foreign concept on this day.}}

I understand all about priorities. I’ve been prioritizing for so long that I really don’t know any other way to live. But I’ve found it increasingly difficult to shut myself off in my room and concentrate on what I need to finish. That probably has more to do with how irresistible I find my niece and nephew than my attention span.

Today, however, I didn’t open my door. Of course, they came knocking, and I did let them in, briefly, but I didn’t follow them out to the living room and I stayed put until I had done the majority of my work. I’m very proud of myself.

{{sigh}} It’s pathetic how such a small thing makes me happy.

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