Sunday hours added to Houston

Reported by the Houston Chronicle at the end of June 2005:

Sunday hours back at some libraries

Approval this week of the city’s $1.69 billion budget for fiscal 2006 brought good news to the Houston Public Library, which next month will restore Sunday hours to four regional branch locations, library spokeswoman Sandra Fernandez said Thursday.

In addition, two branch libraries, which never provided Sunday service, will be open Sunday afternoons.

Beginning in January, all branch locations will extend their hours of daily operation.

By January, the 37-unit system will have expanded its operations by 6,800 hours annually.

The library system was allocated almost $30 million in the budget approved Wednesday, a sum that included a 15 percent increase for materials acquisitions.

The regional branch locations, which are the major libraries in their respective sections of the city, had been closed on Sundays since February 2003.

The library system experienced reductions in hours in 2002-03, Fernandez said.

Libraries that will initiate 1-5 p.m. Sunday operations on July 10 include:

Good news comes eventually, if you give it long enough. Sunday hours began this previous weekend, on 7/10/05.

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