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A Geek’s Search For Meaning has been posting about back pain and surgery.

In How bad can pain get? he writes:

I was sobbing uncontrollably for about 10 minutes. That’s the kind of pain you normally can only get with badly trained medical personnel during a hospital stay.

The one I can really relate to is Being acutely aware of time, where he writes:

I’ve been very acutely aware of time lately. With my current back condition my day has been divided up into 6 hour intervals between pain medication.

Ditto. When my back is acting up, I know, to the minute, how long until my next dose is due. Sometimes, the meds last long enough to make due until I can take the next dose. Sometimes I have to start supplementing with additional, different medication (as suggested by my medical professionals).

I hate having to take the pills. I resent it. I hate having to keep track of time that way. I hate knowing that if I wait too long, they’ll wear out and I’ll be in pain for the 20 to 30 minutes it takes for them to actually kick in. I hate having to move cautiously, because I’m just this side of pain. I hate knowing that the pressure is going to build up in my back until I have to shift my weight or site or stand or move or something to make it go away before it becomes real pain.

And I really really hate knowing that this isn’t going to go away.

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