Silver linings

Know what happens when you stop eating? Even if it’s drug-induced… or especially if it’s drug-induced… When you don’t eat you lose weight.

I’ve lost six pounds this week. And that’s just since Tuesday, when I was weighed at the doctor’s office. I stepped on a scale this morning and greeted the silver lining.

Of course, my appetite is coming back slowly. Just took a lunch break at 2:30 pm because i was finally a little hungry. Of course, I also realized that I haven’t eaten anything all day… again.

Pictured below is today’s lunch: Chicken Pad Thai from Pei Wei.

Padi Thai

I am breathing easier. The coughing has improved. And I feel stronger.

But I am still a loopy mess.

***** Written on my ipad. I promise to proof and edit it later (maybe). ******

How I know I am very very medicated

At 4:30 pm I was looking at my medication, wondering why the one marked “take after breakfast” and the one marked “take after lunch” were both still there. Didn’t I take them?

Then I realized that I hadn’t had lunch… or breakfast… or anything all day that was more substantial than coffee, cough drops, or apple juice… since last night really, when I had a bagel for dinner so I could take the evening meds…. and I had a single taco for lunch yesterday….

I don’t lose my appetite when I get sick. The only thing that ever achieved that was unending days of Vicodin due to pain.

But I’m not on Vicodin. Is it possible that in one of the six meds my doctor prescribed is one that’s having the same effect? No, not possible.

Wait, wait… the other thing that usually happens is that I get loopy.


OK, I’ve had trouble concentrating all day, but I have a partially-collapsed lung, so there’s a reason there. But they were giving me weird looks during the meeting earlier when I gave that annoying woman an eye roll as she explained why her lack of planning was my emergency… And I did warn my boss that if he made me call that other woman to handle her complaint I was going to be truthful with her, only I actually told him which words I’d use to convey that… And I told his assistant that I needed to talk to her but could she wait five minutes while I went to pee…

Oh, yeah, that’s why I’m not hungry.

***** Written on my ipad. I promise to proof and edit it later (maybe). ******

health is scary

What my counter looks like right now.

This is a short follow-up to yesterday’s health post. If you haven’t read it yet, it includes the words partially-collapsed lung.

I get sick very easily. I was a sickly child. I was a sickly teenager. And I am a sickly adult. 

When I was a kid we blamed it on my tonsils. As I grew older, and my tonsils were removed, they were still blamed because I have a weak immune system… or something like that. What it comes down to is that if the weather changes, if there’s a bug going around, if there’s a high pollen count, if I hear a story about someone having a cold… I am going to get sick.

So, you have to understand that my getting a severe head cold overnight didn’t surprise me. That one day later I was miserable just irritated me. I didn’t start to get concerned until I was downing antihistamines with Nyquil every few hours. When I went through a week’s worth of antihistimines in three days, I was a little shocked. I couldn’t breathe, my nose wouldn’t stop running, and my sinus headache was killing me. But I wasn’t really concerned.

I get sick a lot.

It wasn’t until yesterday morning when I was doubled over the bathroom sink, trying desperatly to stop my nosebleed that I realized that maybe it was more than just a cold. Until then I honestly thought I was going in to work. (By the way, the nosebleed was from blowing my nose so much.)

I have a sinus infection and an upper respiratory infection. My doctor gave me a prescription that included six separate items that are expected to take me through the next week and a half. 

And, oh yeah, I have a partially-collapsed lung

And I’m sitting here, concentrating on the fact that I can breathe easier than yesterday, trying to convince myself not to overreact. I can’t do anything about the lung until the infection is over. Unless I get worse, I’m not going to dwell.

Then I am going to get a second opinion. Or several dozen of them. 

a very scary call from my doctor’s office

What my counter looks like right now.

I intended to write a #gratitude post about my health issues this weekend and how lucky I am to have a job where I can call in sick, health insurance that covers my doctor’s visit and prescriptions, and money to pay for what insurance doesn’t cover without dire financial circumstances. 

That will have to wait until the effects of this last phone call are over…

Phone rings, greetings are done, woman identifies herself as a nurse at my doctor’s office.

Nurse: We have the results of your x-rays back and it looks like you definitely don’t have pneumonia.

Me: That’s great.

Nurse, almost without pause: But it does look like you have a simple pneumothorax, which is a partial collapse of one lung. The doctor wants you to follow her prescribed treatment but add a few deep breaths every hour to see if that helps correct it.


Me: I’m sorry… I have a what???!!!

Nurse: A partial collapse in one lung.


Me: Does the doctor want me to come back in?


Me: I mean, for pneumonia she wanted me to come back in in a few weeks for a follow-up appointment. Doesn’t she want to follow up on this?

Nurse: Well, if you continue to have problems breathing, do come in. But otherwise you should be fine, as long as you respond to treatment.


And I sit there, phone in hand, wondering at how it makes sense that if I had had pneumonia I would be required to go back to my doctor’s office to make sure I am getting better. But with a partially collapsed lung I am being told that I should be fine.

Is it just me or does this make sense to others?