Today's diet report — September 27

10:30 AM — breakfast was cottage cheese with fruit. I switched to mint tea, which is not as much fun, but better than plain water.

3:39 PM — I didn’t actually have lunch. But I had to go to an event at work, which means I had a plate of finger foods and a small slice of cake. It was all washed down with a glass of lemonade.

9:00 PM — dinner was a Greek salad with the dressing on the side, from Cafe Express. Had a wonderfully long conversation with my friends. I think we were there for three hours or so, just talking and talking and talking. It was great.

Notihing else to report today.

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Today's diet report — September 26

9:30 AM — breakfast was scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon and a biscuit… from Kroger’s deli. I haven’t bought groceries in two or three weeks, so I don’t have anything in my place to make breakfast. I took the opportunity to get caffeine-free tea, fruit and cottage cheese. And lots and lots of water.

I did weigh in, but am too depressed over the resuts to discuss even here. And, yes, I did take my pills this morning. It’s three days in and I’m wondering why I bother.

3:00 PM — I just realized that I missed lunch. That was not on purpose. Oddly, I’m not hungry.

8:30 PM — dinner was hot wings with all the accessories. And this is the point at which you ask me: “do you really think that’s a diet?” with an incredulous tone of voice. And I would have to answer “no, I don’t.”

And that’s the whole point, isn’t it?

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Today's diet report — September 25

7:40 AM — took my pills and weighed myself. I lost one pound since yesterday. I’m very surprised about that, I thought the dinner last night would have undone any gains from yesterday. I was glad to see thar I was wrong.

Since I have to wait 2-3 hours before eating, for me that means that I’m not having breakfast. I miss breakfast, especially my morning coffee. I really really miss my coffee and black tea.

1:30 PM — had a craving for Pei Wei, then didn’t order my favorite dish. I did not like the dish I did order. The moral? If you’re going to splurge on calories get what you really want.

8:30 PM — and I finished the day off with IHOP. Not a good day. Why am I taking these pills, anyway?

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Today's diet report — September 24

6:30 AM — getting on the scale was not fun. Probably because I am supposed to be dieting, I went off the rails and had a whataburger for dinner. The result is that I gained weight.

However, I took my pills today. I should also mention that I did manage to avoid caffeine yesterday, which I’m pretty sure gave me a daylong headache which knocked me out at the end of the day.

1:00 PM — I want coffee more than anything. I’m at a luncheon and they’re serving coffee. I want some. I didn’t realize that living caffeine free would be so hard. I’d even take the iced tea at this point. Coffee, coffee, coffee!

3:45 PM — Bought caffeine free Diet Coke, which will be the first drink other than water I’ve had today. Happy happy joy joy!

8:30 PM — Dinner was raspberry martinis and cheeseburger sliders at Belvedere’s, a new hotspot. It was a mixer benefitting to local Women’s center. I had three sliders. {{sigh}}} I do these things to myself.

I drank lots and lots of water all day. I didn’t actually snack. I monitored my calorie intake, though I won’t go into how over I ended up because of my behavior at the mixer. Altogether it was a day if mixed results.

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