So little faith

My mother is spending the weekend at my place. This morning, after I showered and spent a little bit of time working.

MOM: “I heard you up and around early today.”

ME: “I told you last night I had an 8 am Zumba class, Mom.”

MOM: “Yeah, but I didn’t think you really meant to go.”

A pause.

ME: “Then why did you think I mentioned going?”

MOM: “I don’t know. I thought you were just making conversation.”

ME: … {{silence}} …

And then I left the kitchen.


Even though my gym clothes don’t reek

2013.09 Laundry 4281119296_18d15fd036_z
I started taking walks through the neighborhood. I’m not calling it exercise yet, the walks aren’t rigorous enough or often enough to qualify. However, I come back from these walks a little fragrant. And in the spirit of exercise and dirty gym clothes, I’m sharing this article from Jezebel: “What To Do When Your Gym Clothes REEK.” Apparently, the trick is to use white vinegar as part of the pre-soak and/or in the rinse cycle.

I use white vinegar for all sorts of things, cleaning and cooking. This is just one more thing to add to the list of uses for this household product. Do you have others?

And, there is a part of me that’s more than a little amazed that I even know how to use white vinegar as a cleaner. Or, even more than knowing about it, is that I actually use it as such. Who would have thunk it?

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Exercise at your desk

2013.09 Runnig 3456378800_4a3b2220b8_zI don’t work out. Ever. At all.

If you’ve ever seen me in person, that statement is not a shock. Also, if you’ve been keeping up with this blog, you know that I am fully aware of my innate laziness. I’ve accepted it. We’ve all moved on.

However, I like pulling together information on working out. I think, in the back of my head, I honestly believe that someday I will wake up with a deep-seated desire to go out and run five miles.

In the spirit of that delusion, today I am sharing this great post I found on Lifehacker: “Clever Ways to Get Some Exercise at the Office (or Any Small Space).” It’s comprehensive and actually sets things up in a way that makes it seem like even a lazy-bones like me can accomplish this.

Never gonna happen, but I like the idea of it.

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No gym for me

Fitness First GymWhen I have another conversation about possibly joining a gym, even with myself (you don’t have conversations with yourself?) I am going to use The Bloggess’ response:

Nah.  I’m already extremely successful at failing to work out right here at home.  No need to branch out, really.

I like it. Truthful and very appropriate (for me).

* * *

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Daily log, March 8 — exercise again

I had an intense workout with my trainer this morning. Two days of exercise in a row is something I tend to avoid, and judging from how sore I am, something I will avoid in the future as well.

My ADD is showing, I’m getting tired of meeting with my trainer. Not because I don’t like him or because I don’t want to exercise, but I don’t like having the commitment of getting up early to meet him. I want to option of sleeping in.

Of course, that commitment is the reason I made the contract. It was a trick, something I knew would force me to go to the gym regularly. I strive to make my appointments, I strive to get my “homework” done. I don’t intimidate, but I do embarass. I don’t want to admit to someone else that I’m so weak, so lazy that I can’t see an exercise program through.

And that is how my trainer is earning his money.

9 AM — breakfast was a turkey frittata with green peppers, onions, broccoli slaw and cheese on a whole wheat tortilla. Very yummy.

11:30 AM — I didn’t have a midnorning snack.

3 PM — I had a very late lunch. Pei Wei’s chicken lettuce wraps. Lunch with my brother.

4 PM — I didn’t have a midafternoon snack.

8 PM — I was in a cooking mood and tried a new recipe for tuna cakes. The batch made eight, and I ate two of them for dinner. Yummy yummy yummy.

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