Daily log, February 15 — stopped keeping track

I know, I’ve been silent for a few weeks. And, no, I am not going to fill in the blanks.

On to today, or what today was supposed to be…

I actually got up and met my trainer this morning. We went over my weight, body fat, etc. Not fun, and not a surprise.

I know that some people get upset when they have that stuff done, like it’s a shock that they’re in bad shape or something. Really? I know what I look like, how my clothes fit, what my scale tells me.

I have one more session, then I need to decide if I’m going to sign a long-term contract to continue to meet with him.

I’m really leaning towards meeting him once a week for half an hour, and making adjustments in my budget to make up for it. I think it might be worth it.

But I have until Saturday, our next session, to decide.

9 AM — breakfast was a couple of eggs over hard on a whole wheat tortilla. I am learning from my calorie misdeed and didn’t put cheese on it, instead flavored with a little green Tabasco sauce. It was easy to make and not boring. I liked it.

2 PM — I popped home for lunch and had leftover Pei Wi from yesterday’s get together — Lo Mein. I like being able to go home for lunch, but I am always tempted to take too long.

6 PM — I had an evening event, so I brought the last of the Lo Mein back to the office with me, so I could have a nice light dinner before the event. I know myself, I will be eating when I get home. But it I don’t eat now I will get a headache.

10 PM — I had a Weight Watchers quesadilla meal when I got home. I know I’m not supposed to eat so late, but the snack earlier didn’t fill me up.

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Today’s diet report — November 18

8:15 AM — I seem to be getting back on track after being down with a respiratory infection for a few weeks. Other people get sick and lose weight. I get sick and eat.

I went to the track in the park this morning, and I weighed myself. I had a lot of trouble finishing my usual laps. I’ve got work to do.

I’ve had periods where I get back on track, every few years. I’ve never had this much trouble committing.

That’s all I wrote.

{{Written on my iPhone}}