Dear Non-profit Organization

**I’m exaggerating,  but not by much.**

Dear Non-profit Organization,

I am starting a new non-profit that will provide the same kinds of services that a dozen other small non-profits already offer. Since this service will be helpful for your clients, I’d like to partner with you. I’d do most of the work. All I need you to commit to doing is providing the space (dedicated) for 6 hours a day three days a week, at least three staff members to help set up and organize the services, and to promote the new service in all your marketing items.

I am applying for grant funding. I need to include a letter of support and commitment from your organization with the application. Can you get that to me today by 5 pm without reviewing a copy of the application, vetting my background and credentials, or checking to ensure that I’ve actually received 501C3 status?

By the way, the letter needs to be signed by your president.


Yours truly, new non-profit service provider

Image source: OpenClips / Pixabay