Día de la Virgen de Guadalupe

Okay, I’ll admit that I’m not the most religious person in the world. As a non-practicing Catholic, I’m not even close. But I am Catholic enough and Mexican enough to know that el doce de diciembre is día de la Virgen de Guadalupe. I know it like I’d know the birthday of a close family member or a holiday. It’s a date that’s always been celebrated as a representation of a miracle, a testimonial of my faith and my roots. And even here, in the U.S. and in my non-practicing Catholic way of life, I give it enough respect and thought to say my Ave Maria.

“Dios te salve Maria
llena eres de gracia . . .”

confessions of a couch potato

Okay, I’ll admit that I’ve been very busy (or very lazy) lately. I’m assuming that it has something to do with the holidays. Or the weather. Did you know that it’s cold outside? How am I supposed to feel motivated to do extra work when it’s cold outside? I’ll try to give y’all something before I leave to México on Christmas vacation. I love working for the university, it means I get two weeks paid vacation during the holidays.

Happy Thanksgiving

I don’t really think of Thanksgiving as a holiday. Not a real one anyway. It’s like Halloween or Valentine’s Day, something you celebrate but don’t exactly know why. Something that happens but you can’t really explain. Something that doesn’t affect you one way or the other. As a Chicana, I have a weird relationship with Thanksgiving. It’s not really part of my history, but it is part of the history of the country I call mine. So, while I acknowledge and appreciate the horrors that founded this country and the irony of calling the day “Giving Thanks,” I do still celebrate it. And that’s more due to the party aspect of it than to the original idea of the holiday.

Thanksgiving is the one day a year when it’s mandatory to eat more than is socially acceptable. Food becomes the center stage, the star of the day. Families gather for a feast. And everyone tries to outdo everyone else when sitting to go through what’s on his/her plate.

My mother has made turkey on Thanksgiving every year except one. That year she spent the day — the entire week before and after, as a matter of fact — waiting around a hospital room in the Texas Valley. My grandfather had had a stroke and she was visiting him. I made dinner that year. And let me tell you, it’s a whole hell of a lot of work. Ever since then my sisters and I have made all the side dishes and desserts while my mother makes the turkey. We thought it was only fair.

A friend of mine says that her mother hates to make a turkey. She always ends up with a dry bird. Now she makes turkey tamales and that’s what they have every year. That’s not a bad compromise.

Before I go on and on and on with my rambling about who does what on this day, let me just wish all of you a happy holiday. Don’t eat too much, don’t spend all day watching sports, and don’t drink and drive. As long as you do that and try to stop yourself from killing your family you should be fine.

Hasta la próxima, gente!


Well, it’s been years since I’ve actively celebrated Halloween, but I did go to a couple parties this year even if I did refuse to dress up. My niece, who’s nearly two, will dress up and help my mother hand out candies. My brother will go out with his friends and try and stay out of trouble. My friends will all try to do something child-like but not childish. Everyone will decorate, buy candies and celebrate a holiday that has never been declared officially but is observed nonetheless. And by this time next week we’ll all be glad it’s over. Oh well, who said fun was easy?


Sunday, November 2, 1997, marks the first episode in the much anticipated and anxiously awaited fifth season of the award-winning science fiction show The X-Files. I will not bore you with specific details about the mythology surrounding and centered in the show. I will not bother to tell you about the plots and mysteries within the show that make me watch it and hooked me from the very first episode. Because the truth is that if you haven’t watched the show, if you don’t know what it’s about, then it’s going to take much more than a few sentences to get you up to speed. It’ll take weeks. But if you want to watch one of the few shows on television where a man and a woman work together but don’t sleep together, then this is your show. If you want to watch a cop show where the woman has a gun, is a better shot than her male partner and saves his butt more times than he saves hers, this is your show. If you want to watch a show that portrays a woman as intelligent and strong, then this is your show. Oh yeah, her partner’s not bad either.