Even though my gym clothes don’t reek

2013.09 Laundry 4281119296_18d15fd036_z
I started taking walks through the neighborhood. I’m not calling it exercise yet, the walks aren’t rigorous enough or often enough to qualify. However, I come back from these walks a little fragrant. And in the spirit of exercise and dirty gym clothes, I’m sharing this article from Jezebel: “What To Do When Your Gym Clothes REEK.” Apparently, the trick is to use white vinegar as part of the pre-soak and/or in the rinse cycle.

I use white vinegar for all sorts of things, cleaning and cooking. This is just one more thing to add to the list of uses for this household product. Do you have others?

And, there is a part of me that’s more than a little amazed that I even know how to use white vinegar as a cleaner. Or, even more than knowing about it, is that I actually use it as such. Who would have thunk it?

Photo courtesy of David Mayerhofer via http://www.flickr.com/photos/45025094@N00/4281119296/.