I resisted the chocolate cake! #smallvictories

2014.01 chocolate-cakeMy roommates are on a diet. I am not. Let me be very clear on that: I. AM. NOT. DIETING.

And yet, I’m thinking that maybe (just maybe) cutting back on my comfort foods might not be a bad idea. Certainly, my doctor would agree.

Today I resisted the chocolate cake some “helpful” coworker brought to work. And I really really wanted that cake. It’s been a stressful few weeks.

I managed to make it through the day without succumbing to temptation. Let’s see how the rest of the week goes.

What’s your small victory?

No new goals for 2014

2014 PC wordsFor 2014, I’ve decided I’m just going to continue with the goals I created for 2013. I did a very bad job of staying on track, so I’m going to give it another try.

So 2014 is also going to be all about #gratitude and #smallvictories.

* * *

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The way the universe works, for me, is that if something can go wrong it will go wrong. I don’t get away with things. I don’t get a pass on anything.

I get fined for one day overdue. I get ticketed for driving off a parking lot and turning right onto a one way street. I get called out if I grab a pen and forget to return it. I bump into my boss’ boss if I’m trying to leave early. I drop food onto my most expensive blouse while on a business lunch. I trip while in public. My new jeans stain my new leather seats.

I should know better than to expect things to turn out better, to be easy. “Easy” doesn’t work in my life. “Easy” is not a word that usually applies to me.

And yet I am disappointed. I thought, just this once, that it was going to work out. I guess I don’t learn.

And I can’t even vent properly. Can’t share the details. Can’t be a child, be emotional, be destructive.

I am disappointed. I will get over it. In the meanwhile, I will have more chocolate.

Packing my lunch — #smallvictories

Roasted chicken & green beans
Stylized pic of my packed lunch (roast chicken with green beans), which I am eating at my desk.

I am very proud to say that I’ve packed my lunch for three days in a row. Last week I only ate out for business lunches, and the same for the week prior to that. I know that one of the reasons I’m doing this is because I don’t want to brave the unusually cold Houston winter. But this is also helpful in my quest to keep my points down and stay on budget.

Houstonians eat out more than in any other city in the country. I had read (somewhere) that it’s something like more than 50% of lunches and dinners during the week are eaten in restaurants. That’s certainly the case for me, normally. It’s a trend I’m trying to change.

Houston portions are no different than portions in most other cities: large and extra large. It’s hard to stay on track if you’re eating out all the time. It’s especially hard to stay on budget.

If you eat out several times a week, here’s an exercise for you: write down every penny you spend on eating out in one month (and that does include the vending machine) then multiply that by 12. You’ll be surprised by how much it comes up to. I know I usually am.

I will admit that “eating in” is not as much fun. But one of the benefits is that I’m writing my blog posts over lunch, among other things, so it’s helping keep me more productive.

What’s your small victory for the day?


One cream and two Equal #smallvictories

McDonald's Coffee
My daily indulgence.

Every morning I stop for coffee at the local McDonald’s. It’s a few blocks from my house, on the way to the freeway, so it’s a convenient stop. The fact that the nice people in the drive-thru window will put in the right amount of cream and sugar, instead of giving me packets so I can try to prepare it myself while pulled over, well that helps a lot.

I adore coffee. I drink it in the morning, afternoon and evening. I order it with meals at restaurants. I brew it at home and at work.

One of the big shocks I had when I started counting points was how many points my coffee was costing me. I used to order a large coffee at McDonald’s with 4 cream and 7 equal. That’s 4 points. 4 points! If I just had one a day, that wouldn’t be so bad. But I had refill after refill throughout the day. I was literally consuming all my indulgence points one sip at a time.

I had to stop.

I started to cut back on my cream and sweetener one serving at a time. Today I am down to 1 creamer and 2 equal. Woo hoo!

Next stop: black coffee!