How to Prepare Cake Pans (video)

American’s Test Kitchen has an interesting video that shows us how to prepare a cake pan to ensure that the cake doesn’t stick to it. Honestly, it seems like a lot of work. If I ever get back to baking cakes again (which seems unlikely right now) I will keep this in mind… though I don’t think I’ve ever bought any parchment paper.

About the video:

Don’t find yourself in a sticky situation:…

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Dispose of Used Frying Oil (video)

Video tips from America’s Test Kitchen:

All you need are four plastic bags and an extra pair of hands.

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About America’s Test Kitchen:

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Wrinkle-Free Clothes Without an Iron (video)

I like to share infographics and videos that are helpful, or just because I looked at them and thought “pretty!” Today’s is supposed to be useful; of course I don’t actually own an iron, so I may be doing this at home too.

This video is from the Sonia’s Travels Youtube channel:

Sonia Gil shares here travels tips on another Travel Tips Thursday. Sonia shows you how a blow dryer can substitute as an iron when traveling.

More about the show:

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