Daily log, January 20 — I miss my comfort foods

Morning started with my usual walk in Memorial Park. For some reason, the walk today was hard. Harder than it’s been recently.

I thought the walking was supposed to get easier the more you did it. Isn’t that true?

9 AM — breakfast was a scrambled egg with some parmesan in olive oil added in for flavoring, served over a whole wheat tortilla. This was accompanied by the oolong tea I’ve been drinking lately. I don’t enjoy the oolong as much as my Awake, but I’m going to use it up.

2 PM — lunch was un guisado at Taquería Arandas. I wanted comfort food and that’s the closest that I could find that wouldn’t completely obliterate my diet.

Comfort food for me is battered, deep fried or covered in gravy or cheese sauce. Preferably all of them at the same time.

8 PM — dinner was a chicken/cheese burrito on the now familiar whole wheat tortilla. Nothing too outstanding.

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Daily log, January 19 — falling off the wagon for a croissant

Day started with a 5:30 am walk in Memorial Park. My friend and I have realized that the earlier walk lets us get ready for work without having to rush.

I like the idea of getting something accomplished first thing in the morning. It sets the tone for the rest of the day. If nothing else goes right that day, at least I’ve done one thing on my personal goal list. And it has the benefit of being part of my long-term goals. Good stuff, all around.

9:30 AM — breakfast was a sausage/spinach taco in a whole wheat tortilla. As you can guess, the tortillas are being used up until I finish them. I should have bought a smaller pack or something.

1 PM — I had lunch at my desk. I picked up Pei Wei Hot and Sour Soup. I had the bowl. I think it took me 10 minutes to consume.

3 PM — I was destroyed by a croissant. I had a midafternoon meeting at La Madeleine and, instead of ordering a coffee like a good girl, I ended up with a coffee and croissant. I should not have done that. And the worst part is that I enjoyed it way too much.

9 PM — ironically, I ended up at Pei Wei for dinner too — met a friend for dinner and that was her pick. I had a chopped chicken salad.

My calorie count was over by the amount of the croissant, no surprise. I wish there was some excuse I could give myself, an out I could take that would reduce my disappointment in my lack of discipline. There isn’t. This week has been all about my bad choices.

Monday was indulgence. Today was stress. I had an item pop up that’s going to consume my week, set the tone for next week — and none of it is good.

But stress, I know, is not a good enough excuse.

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Diet update, January 15 — a new day

I was up at 4:45 am today because I met my walking friend at 5:30 am in Memorial Park. I have learned that I need three hours from when I begin the walk to when I’m due at my first appointment. That’s what it takes to complete the walk, get home, take a shower, change and get ready. Sometimes I have time to eat breakfast at home, sometimes I waste too much time between steps and then I don’t eat at home.

Today my first meeting was at 8:30 am, so we pushed our walk time ahead by 30 minutes. And what possesses me to get up at 4:45 am just so I can walk in the park is beyond me, especially when I know that I am not following my diet as closely as I need to to make a significant impact. But I am trying to make this into a habit, which means going as close to every day as I can.

10 AM — i had a breakfast meeting at CoffeeGroundz this morning. I love love love their grilled cheese sandwiches, so that’s what I had for breakfast, with a Vanilla Latte. Yes, I realize I should have ordered something that wasn’t so fattening, but no one has ever accused me of making good food choices.

2 PM — lunch was at 369. I ordered a fried rice, but only ate half of it. Yes, I was hungry shortly after. I probably would have done better to order steamed vegetables or something, but I really really wanted the fried rice.

I know that, as I move forward, one of the things I’m going to have to get over is ordering what I want just because I want it. I will do better. I have to.

7 PM — I cooked dinner, one of my sausage, spinach and cheese burritos on a whole wheat tortilla. I think, overall, I managed to get back on track today.

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Diet Update, January 14 — I don’t walk in cold rain

I woke up early, got dressed and was ready to head out when my phone rang — my walking friend was calling, which is weird.

“Sweetie, it’s raining,” she said.
“No, it’s not,” I replied.
“Look outside,” she told me.
I did. It was raining. “Damn!”
“It’s raining,” she repeated. “And it’s cold rain. No walking today.”

I don’t walk in cold rain. I don’t walk in any rain. I don’t walk when it’s freezing.
I barely need an excuse not to exercise. That comes naturally.

When I got off the phone, I toed off my shoes, plopped back onto my bed and slept for another hour or so.
No worries, though, because we agreed to go tomorrow (if it’s not raining). Of course, since I have an early meeting, we’re going at 5:30 am.

9 AM — breakfast was a wrap. Whole wheat tortilla, grilled ham & spinach, with sharp cheddar cheese. And, of course, my black tea.

2 PM — I had a luncheon, which means no healthy choices. Chicken parmesan with bread, followed by German Chocolate Cake. Yes, I could have opted not to eat the cake. For that matter, I could have decided not to eat the bread, but where’s the fun in that?

10 PM — dinner was an impromptu get-together at La Madeleine. A friend had a recent death in the family — her 18-year-old cousin died of Leukemia after an extended battle. Today was the first chance to get together and see how she was doing. All things considered, she’s handling it much better than I feared.

Food consumed included a cup of their yummy, and bad-for-you tomato basil soup. That stuff is so good. Sooooo gooooood, but so bad for you.
Of course, I also had three cups of real coffee today, including two at dinner.

All in all, today was a wash.

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Diet Update, January 13 — A very fat day

The day started out really well. Weigh in showed real loss for the first time in forever. It’s always good to see numeric changes, especially when you’re gearing up for a long-term commitment instead of short-term impact.

I got up early to do my walk at Memorial Park. It was 40-degree-weather, which is a big improvement over last week. It was still very very cold, and I don’t think I ever actually warmed up.

I heated up a whole wheat tortilla, which I filled with sausage, spinach and Pepperjack cheese. Probably should have left off the cheese, but it was still just around 500 calories. And it was a nice, hearty breakfast.

So, I was feeling really good. Then I tried to dress for work.

Nothing fit. Everything is much too tight. I can see rolls stretching against the fabric in places where it shouldn’t.
I tried on at least five different outfits, and discarded al of them. I ended up with an old standby, a “fat girl” outfit that I don’t like, but wich didn’t make me look like I was wearing something two sizes too small.

I really really need to stay on my diet, keep exercising and be a grown up about my health and fitness. If nothing else, simply because I refuse to buy new clothes.

10 AM — I took some time after my walk to cook breakfast. I sauteed some sausage and dropped in spinach, wich I used as a filling on a whole wheat tortilla. Add a little Pepperjack cheese and I got a really yummy breakfast that wasn’t too fattening. And it covered most of my food groups.

2 PM — I had another one of those days that another that I work through lunch because I was at a meeting. Today I was smart and packed lunch. Which meant I went to the old standby: peanut butter sandwich. Today, hover, I decided to change things up a little. I borrowed my sister’s standby and ate a peanut butter and banana sandwich — my very first. It was actually rather good. I think I’m going to have it again,

9 PM — for dinner I had a variation on last night’s dish. Grilled chicken with a side of sauteed spinach and tomatoes, in a garlic/pesto sauce. Very tasty.

Today I am very proud of myself because:

  • I didn’t cheat on my diet,
  • I exercised, and
  • I didn’t eat out.

Let’s see how tomorrow goes.

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