TAKS is pass or not for 8th graders

Moment of truth for 8th-graders
Thousands won’t get into high school this year unless they pass the TAKS test

— Houston Chronicle2

Thousands of eighth-graders across Texas will sit this week for the biggest test of their young lives.

For the first time in the state, eighth-graders must pass standardized exams in math and language arts to be promoted to high school automatically. The students had two chances during the school year, but that was not enough for many who failed the exams on both attempts.


Statewide, nearly one in five eighth-graders has yet to pass the math portion of the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills.

That’s at least 55,918 students who face retention in eighth grade if they again fail the test, which is being given for the third and final time today.

Texas is one of the toughest states when it comes to tying grade promotion to testing. Students in grades 3, 5 and — now — 8 must pass the TAKS in some subjects to advance. High school students must pass four exams to graduate.


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