TAKS security is tightened at HISD

Some news sources covering the tactics and plans HISD is putting into place to ensure that cheating is… decreased on the TAKS test.

TAKS booklets under lock, key — and cameras
HISD tightens security to thwart test cheaters and preserve integrity

— reported by the Houston Chronicle

Test booklets will be kept under tighter watch, answer sheets will be collected earlier in the day, and most teachers won’t administer the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills to their own students under new test security measures announced Wednesday by HISD leaders.

With TAKS testing starting Tuesday for roughly 125,000 Houston Independent School District children and 2.8 million statewide, HISD officials are hoping to curb some of the cheating problems that have plagued the district in the past.


The testing is all the more important this year because of a new teacher merit-pay system that promises bonuses of $3,000 or more for teachers whose students perform well on the TAKS and other tests. Principals have bonuses of up to $6,000 riding on test scores that are also used to determine each campus’ state and federal accountability ratings.


Questions or concerns about TAKS security can be e-mailed to testsecurity@tea.state.tx.us.

TAKS test security to be tight at HISD campuses
— reported by KTRK ABC Channel 13


The new measures were put in place after an investigation uncovered cheating at four schools in 2004. TAKS testing for students in third through eleventh grades begins Tuesday.

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