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I found this at the Houston Business Journal:

PR professionals in Texas commanding higher salaries


Public relations professionals in Texas earned between $7,000 and $10,000 more per year in 2005 than they did five years ago, according to a new compensation survey conducted by the Public Relations Foundation of Texas.

However, PR people are enjoying fewer benefits now than they used to, officials with the nonprofit organization say.


The average pay in the Dallas market was the highest at almost $80,000, while the lowest was in San Antonio and South Texas at $58,000, according to Haynes.

“Geographically, the markets offering the highest pay levels are Dallas and Austin. Houston and Fort Worth markets follow but are about $10,000 per year lower, at $67,000 to $69,000,” says Haynes. “By industry, the highest paying jobs appear to be in manufacturing, high technology and energy, while nonprofit organizations, education and state and local government jobs are among the lowest compensated.”

PR professionals, however, are earning fewer perks than they did five years ago. Bonuses are smaller, company-paid insurance is harder to come by and few employers are offering company cars, Haynes says.


I hope they’re right. 🙂

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