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HispanicAd recently ran an article that continues the debate on who owns a brand. Entitled “Marketing Gurus: Cede Power To Consumers,” the article covers how blogs have changed how brands are perceived… and who owns the perception of a brand.

And, while some companies may fear that encouraging consumers to talk about them will erode their brands, Rice said that the Internet has already divested these companies of control–even if they don’t yet realize it. After Rice posted her thoughts about Comcast, the cable giant invited her to meet with company representatives in person. One of the discoveries Rice made was that some of the vice presidents she met with had never before heard of blogs.

Since communications and the knowledge thereof is my “product,” I’m always astounded by my fellow PR practitioners who still think blogs are “online journals” (and, yes, that’s a direct quote from someone in my real life).

I have automated searches every morning of news items, and items posted in the blogosphere, with certain keywords or client names — just to make certain I know what’s being said (or posted). I’m too much of a control freak to actually be comfortable with the idea that I don’t own the perception of my brand and probably never will.  I will, however, learn to use the new technology and the blogger-influenced method of communication to the best benefit of my clients and myself.

Adapt or else.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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