The Minutemen debate continues

(See footnotes as indicated.)

Here are some news, blog posts and discussions about the upcoming arrival of the Minutemen to Houston. I think I’ve made my position about this clear, but feel free to see what others are saying:

  • blogHOUSTON has a running discussion off their post Red light cameras can help with Houston’s day laborer problem. As I’ve stated previously, I don’t usually agree with their opinions (as posted on that blog), but I do give them kudos for addressing the issues and providing research and backup to what they’ve posted. Even if you don’t agree with them, or if you do, it’s a good source of background info and alternate opinions on what’s going on in Houston.
  • ACLU to monitor Minuteman project in Houston.2 “The ACLU is training dozens of people how to monitor the Minutemen.”
  • War of words heats up at Minuteman session.1 LULAC leader confronts a corps member over the plans to videotape day-labor workers. “A four-day training session for members of the controversial Minuteman Civil Defense Corps turned heated Sunday when a LULAC leader confronted one of the group’s members.”

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  1. Houston Chronicle links expire after a few days because they’re archived. If you want to access these articles after that, you either have to be a subscriber or go to the Houston Public Library and access the database using your Library Power Card.
  2. KHOU CBS Channel 11 requires a registration.

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