the new immigration economy

I guess it stands to reason that the new immigration sentiment, and proposed laws, would create economic ripples.. good and bad. I’ve posted about the bad (briefly), here’s a company that is benefiting from the good.

Company to expand Texas border detention facility
— reported by the Houston Chronicle

The company that runs a border correctional facility announced today it is adding hundreds of beds to accommodate a crackdown on non-Mexican illegal immigrants.

Florida-based GEO Group Inc. said it is adding 576 beds to its 875-bed Val Verde Correctional Facility, which primarily holds federal detainees. The $30 million expansion was approved by the Val Verde County Commissioner’s Court on Monday.

Company officials said the expansion was expected to generate $10.6 million a year in additional operating revenue and create 80 new jobs. It was expected to be completed by 2008.


Sad. Very sad.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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