The Ten Myths of Creating Web Content

From “College Humor founder Ricky Van Veen — a man who knows a thing or two about web content — presented his ‘Ten Myths of Web Content’ today at the Mashable Media Summit in New York” earlier this year. Here’s the shortlist.

  1. Myth #1: People Will Watch Your Branded Content
  2. Myth #2: People Will Be Patient With Content
  3. Myth #3: People Will Find Your Content
  4. Myth #4: The Internet Is a Level Playing Field
  5. Myth #5: We Have No Idea Why Things Go Viral
  6. Myth #6: Experience Leads Documentation
  7. Myth #7: Lets Build Our Own Community and Tools
  8. Myth #8: Lets Keep Things Professional
  9. Myth #9: Traditional Media is Irrelevant to the Web
  10. Myth #10: People Will Create Good Content For You

Author: Paloma Cruz

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