the third time

{{Sigh.}} I have another infection. Those of you who have been following my life know that this is significant. It means that there’s something really wrong. It means that I have something to worry about. I hate it when I have something real to worry about.

What it is is a small lesion on my right cheek. It’s swelling and hot and feels like it’s getting worse by the moment. I’ve been applying heat and moisture and antibiotic ointment like clockwork. And worrying… I’ve been worrying a lot.

This is the second time I’ve had this on one of my cheeks, and the third time I’ve had this type of infection (that I remember). And while it doesn’t seem to be expanding like those I’ve had before, it’s there and I need to deal with it. And the ironic part is that I don’t even have a doctor anymore.

Did I mention the part about hating HMOs? My HMO had a disagreement with the physician’s group my doctor belongs to and, as a result, cancelled their contract. As of a few days ago, I an without a chosen primary care physician. Which basically means that until I choose a new one I can’t go in for a regular doctor’s visit. I haven’t chosen a new doctor. There hasn’t been time.

My insurance company tells me, via snail mail, that they are trying to work out something with my doctor, independent of his physician’s group, that would allow me to continue going to him. I hope that works out. I’ve just gotten used to this doctor and hate the idea of having to break in someone new.

So here I am now, with insurance but not able to use it. Sick, or potentially sick, and stuck until the paperwork gods are appeased. Damn! I’ll let you know what happens.

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