Things I didn’t do this week

I didn’t pick something easy for Lent, even though I really wanted to. Then, I didn’t cheat. 

I didn’t make it to The Chocolate Bar to have a piece of cake. I’ve been craving a slice of Uncle Daryl’s Chocolate Cake, which is actually too much for one person. It’s like $10 a slice, but so worth it. 

I didn’t buy the silver charm bracelet from Tiffany’s that I’d promised myself for this year’s Valentine’s Day. I talked myself out of it last year. This year I just let myself not buy it. I guess that means I decided not to buy it, without ever making a decision.

I didn’t make an appointment with the personal shopper from Nordstrom’s. I need someone to help me step away from my current style into something a little more professional, with flair. I’ve been planning to make this call, and this commitment (financial, personal) for a few months. But, once again I let the week pass without making the appointment.

I didn’t keep my budget. Mostly because I went out to eat too many times.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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