Things I want… sort of a happiness post

If you’ve been following my “chronology of pain” series, then you have some idea on why my happiness posts tapered off.

Here’s a list of things I want to own, some of which I’m almost embarrassed to confess:

  • Lauren Hutton’s makeup, in yellow
  • the bareMinerals Beauty Collection, starter kit (a friend of mine uses it and swears by it)
  • a new wardrobe of flat, fashionable, comfortable shoes for work (since my current wardrobe of three- and four-inch shoes are no longer an option for me)
  • a good, small digitable camera I can pack in my tote bag to take pics on the fly — suggestions anyone?
  • a Flybook (review)
  • a decent HMO, caring doctors (I know that I can’t own them, but access would be nice)

Hmmm…. I think I’ll leave it at that for now, and complete the list later.

Author: Paloma Cruz

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3 thoughts on “Things I want… sort of a happiness post”

  1. I’ll add my name to the interested in trying Bare Minerals. It sure looks great and I have been known to watch the infomercial.

    As for camera suggestions, I swear by Canon. I own three of them, so I may not be the most objective person, but I think the quality is pretty high.

  2. For the digital camera, I’d go for the Olympus Mju Mini. they are so freakin’ adorable and come in so many colors you can match it with your purse.

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