things to include in an "about me" page

OK, I don’t even have an “about me” page, so this is really advice I found for myself that I’m sharing. Quick Sprout has a post listing the 4 things you need in an “about me” page. These are:

  1. Image – I don’t care if you are the ugliest person in the world, you need to place an image of yourself on the about me page. [snip]
  2. About Yourself – [snip] you also need to discuss your expertise and even life experiences so that you can better brand yourself.
  3. Helping Others – [snip] The key with a good about me page is that you express how you can help the visitor / reader so that they will remember you.
  4. Contact – [snip] you need to make it easy for people to contact you through your about me page.

I’ve bookmarked the list to use later.


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