This week’s updates

I spent more than $250 on new bags. This is called a shopping spree. It is also called retail therapy. I feel bad, so I spend money. And if the reason I feel bad is actually money, I spend more. It doesn’t make sense to me either.

I managed not to dip into my savings account. I was putting aside some money to buy new clothes and that’s what was spent on the shopping spree. The result is that there are no new clothes planned at this time. Of course, what I plan and what I do are two different things. 

I realized that spending time with my family is detrimental to my diet. I.e., everyone was off or on vacation this week, even I took some days off, and as a result I ended the week in a fast-food frenzy. 

I didn’t lose any weight. I didn’t gain any weight.

That is all

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